ragunan_zoo_jakarta_indonesia1This is also a familiar place for the citizens of Jakarta. Ragunan usually crowded in the visit on holidays. Bring your brother, aunt, grandfather, the elies too. To enjoy the nearly 30,000 forest plant grass and trees from around 250 different types complement this versatile park. Ornamental plants such as Bougenvil, lollipops and meet landscaping Hibiscus Ragunan Wildlife Park. There Educational Tour event, informal discussion, Animal Welfare, routine activities like feeding the animals and other fun activities. We can get here using their own vehicles or car rental services in Jakarta.

Contact the office every day of sampe Friday hours Monday 10:00-15:00, Saturday 10:00-13:00 hrs. Tickets prices quite cheap. For who want to feed alligators Alligators eat datengnya Hour – On Wednesday and Saturday, dinner Hours Cormoran – Every day at 11:00 pm, time to eat and brush your teeth Hippopotamus – Every day.

Well congratulations to walk using a 2-wheeled vehicles, cars and car rental Jakarta.

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