tasik-divers-1Most visitors to North Sulawesi, especially from abroad, come there to dive. This is not surprising, because the province offers stunning underwater tourism, such as the world-famous Bunaken Marine Park and the equally amazing underwater scenery of the other islands nearby.

Given this situation, many diving-related services have appeared. Nearly every hotel or resort has a dive operator to accommodate the special needs of these tourists.

One such is Tasik Ria Resort & Spa, which since 1 April offers a new facility, Tasik Divers, to facilitate its guests in exploring the many diving spots of North Sulawesi.

The owner, Daniel Gondowidjojo, is delighted with the development of this facility, because from the outset he has been working with eco divers and applied the knowledge he has gained through the many years he has been operating the resort. He has some fresh, new, more flexible ideas that will benefit all his customers.

The special advantage of Tasik Divers is that they really protect their guests, whether advanced, beginner, or even non-divers, with fully guaranteed comfort and safety. The trusted, highly experienced divemasters enable the guests to engage in a variety of diving activities, including deep diving and night diving.

tasik-divers-2With Tasik Divers, you can plan your dives to whichever dive spots interest you, starting from three dives per day. For Bunaken alone, Tasik Divers can take you to no less than 44 dive spots. And if you want to explore Lembeh island, a further 38 dive spots are available. Just consult Tasik Divers to arrange your diving schedule. It’s a perfect, convenient way to start your diving experience, taking off in Tasik Divers’s own boat and enjoying the sensations of North Sulawesi’s underwater beauty.

Tasik Divers makes everything easy for you; they supply all your diving gear. Even beginners only need to start with a sense of enjoyment, because with Tasik Divers, we’re divers too…

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